Student Information Form

You are required to complete this form BEFORE booking into any classes. You are only required to complete this form once a year.

Please tell us if there is any Physical, Social, or Mental Health issues that we should be aware of.

By signing this you agree to the following: In the event of any illness or accident, I authorise the teacher in charge to obtain on my behalf, where it is impracticable to communicate with me, such medical assistance as my child may require. I accept all operation, blood transfusions and/or anaesthetic risks involved and the responsibility for payment of any expenses thus incurred. I give permission for my child to be video recorded and photographed as part of their participation in Drama Stars Academy and for any photographs/videos taken to be used in any form by Drama Stars Academy. Permission is given to pass my contact details to the Class Rep. I understand that all work, all original Drama Stars Academy warm ups and all written works (scripts, poems, monologues etc.) are strictly the intellectual property of DSA and cannot be used outside of the studio without written permission from DSA. I understand that the cancellation of my child’s enrolment or class must be done prior to the commencement of the term, otherwise, I will be liable for that term fee. I understand the importance of dropping my Star 5 minutes before the official start time so they can warm up effectively. I understand I am responsible to pick my Star up on time and if I am delayed for an unforeseen reason, I must text the DSA teacher in charge. I understand if my child has been given set work to learn, time should be dedicated outside of class to ensure quality of learning.